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A raise? Not without some takeaways!

Yes, Delta management has announced a 5% increase in our hourly pay, while slowly and quietly making decisions that undercut that raise or erase it altogether:

  • No Monthly Override Pay This Spring/Summer:  It’s welcome news that our schedule value will be lower for the summer, but many Flight Attendants, especially new hires, need to fly high to make more money during those months. Delta management decides when and how Monthly Override Pay is implemented and they've announced the schedule values will not be high enough to pay out this summer. This is a pay cut! See the math below.*
  • No Vacation Buyback This Year: If vacation buybacks were offered, a top of scale FA would have earned an extra $2,350.11 for giving back one week of vacation in a summer month.
  • Health Insurance Premiums and Deductibles Increased: Our monthly premiums increased by an average of 3% and annual deductibles increased 7%. Prescription drug costs have increased under management’s new insurance provider. So much so, that many Flight Attendants have found it cheaper to use services like GoodRx or drug manufacturer coupons over our own insurance.
showing insurance going up -- time to lock in a new contract
  • Greed-flation: Delta earned $4.6 billion last year — more than United, American, Southwest and Alaska airlines combined. With cost of living increasing, our pay is still behind what it was in 2020. See the math below.**
  • Remember Skybucks? Many New Hires may not even know about this bonus program. From 2012 to 2016 Flight Attendants earned more than $36 Million in Skybucks,  according to a 2016 IFS memo.. Management eliminated the program during COVID. See the numbers below.***

Meanwhile, Delta ALPA Pilots negotiated a 34% increase in pay raises over the 4-year contract, plus retro pay. And yesterday, Southwest TWU 556 Flight Attendants approved a new contract with immediate 22% raises and 9% more over the 4-year contract AND retro pay.

>Delta announced a raise in name only. It’s time to take action and lock in our pay, benefits, and work rules in a legally binding contact so management can't take anything away. Delta made more profits than all of the other major airlines COMBINED. That's our hard work that made it possible - we deserve our fair share of those profits and we should have an industry leading contract! It’s time to come together to lock in our union, our legal rights, and get the contract that reflects our worth!

Sign your card, wear your pin, and get involved with our campaign today.


  • April - July 2023, 40% Monthly Override Pay Implemented: $3719.10 Year 1 Base Pay + $270.48 Incentive = $3989.58 per month
  • August 2023, 25% Monthly Override Pay Implemented: $3719.10 Year 1 Base Pay + $169.05 Incentive = $3888.15 per month
  • That’s $19,846.47 in earnings for the Spring/Summer of 2023 (4 months of $3989.58 per month, and 1 month of $3888.15 per month)
  • April - August 2024, NO Monthly Override Pay Implemented
  • New Hire at NEW Year 1 Base Pay flying 110 hrs each month will earn $19,525
    That’s $321.47 LESS than last year


  • When COVID hit in 2020, a top of scale Flight Attendant was making $69.59 per hr.
  • That’s equivalent to $84.21 today, leaving us still $4.41 short of the new cost of living.


  • Skybucks was a bonus program from 2012 to 2019 where FAs earned a dollar amount for every perfect customer service survey they received on every flight in addition to 2% from all onboard sales.
  • Flight Attendants earned an extra $1800 per year on average to use on a Mastercard Debit Card.