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No summer override this year

Our incentive program is canceled for Summer 2024. Management has demonstrated once again their complete control of how much we can earn. Our incentive program wasn't great to begin with, but now we won’t have a chance to earn what we would in a typical summer of flying because management decides everything. Without a contract, we have certainty on nothing.

It’s welcome news that our schedule value will be lower for the summer, but many flight attendants need to fly high to make money in the summer, especially our new hires. This is a pay cut! This is why it’s so important to build protections for both low-time and high-time months into a legally binding contract that can’t change on management’s whim.

Incentive programs should be active year round and not tied to any particular month or average schedule value! That’s how it is for union Flight Attendants at other carriers like Alaska, Spirit and United.

One of the most flexible parts of our job is the ability to control our own schedules and fly as little or as much as we'd like. A contract would ensure it stays in our control, not management’s!

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