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Flight Attendants make Delta record profits, get pocket change in return

After months of delay, Delta management announced a 5% pay increase for all non-union employees, including Flight Attendants, effective June 1 and topping out at $79.80.

Management knows we’re waking up to what we can achieve when we organize our union. They’re doing everything in their power to satisfy us with crumbs. But we know our worth.

Delta raises pay amid union push, AP article

Delta earned $4.6 billion last year — more than United, American, Southwest and Alaska airlines combined, according to AP News. Delta Flight Attendants are not earning more than all of our competitors combined, even with boarding pay.

This increase still leaves us behind Southwest Flight Attendants new rates*. Management is already busy making excuses about why “budget airline” Southwest isn’t comparable. But that alleged “budget” airline will soon be paying its Flight Attendants more than Delta does.

New Delta rates still leave Flight Attendants behind

Record profits should mean record contracts. That’s what we’re organizing for with our Flight Attendant union. We’ll take this raise and keep organizing for the right to negotiate what we really deserve at the industry’s most profitable airline!

Sign your card, wear your pin, and get involved with our campaign today.

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*SWA rates will be effective on May 1 if the tentative agreement is approved by TWU 556 members. The vote closes on April 24.