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What $$$ provisions would like to see in your first contract?

During an unprecedented crisis, it is more important than ever that Flight Attendants have a voice in our workplace. As airlines start planning for recovery and the future, it is crucial that Delta Flight Attendants have a seat at the table to help shape the decisions and to lock in our workplace benefits and rights with a contract.

We've talked about how Delta management keeps our hourly pay on par with the pay scales at the unionized airlines in an effort to keep us from unionizing. While top line compensation like hourly pay may look the same or even a little better, there are hidden costs and missed compensation for us at Delta. On March 23, we heard from AFA Flight Attendants from Alaska and United about their overall compensation package in their legally-binding contracts.

We need a contract with a robust compensation package. What provisions would you like to see in your first contract?


  • Alaska Airlines AFA Contract: AFA Flight Attendants receive two guaranteed raises per year up to Year 16—a seniority raise and a contract raise. Year 16 and above still receive a contract raise every year, and an additional dollar every 5 years of seniority.
  • United Airlines AFA Contract: AFA Flight Attendants receive two guaranteed raises per year up to year 13.


  • United: Flight Attendants receive a 5% direct contribution towards their 401k, then an additional 3% company match. So United AFA Flight Attendants receive 11% towards their 401K each year, if they can contribute 3% and can contribute more up to federal limits.
  • Alaska: Flight Attendants can receive a company 401k match up to 7.5%, so an AFA Alaska Flight Attendant can contribute 15% or more up to federal limits towards their 401k each year.


  • Alaska: A Flight Attendant will accrue one (1.0) TFP (Alaska's version of a Flight Hour) sick leave for each (10.0) TFP flown or credited during the month. Sick Leave will not be accrued on TFP-credited sick leave. Maximum accrual of the Flight Attendant’s sick leave bank is 1,700 TFP.
  • Alaska: 12 weeks of OJI pay before dipping into your sick bank.
  • United: Separate OJI bank, that supplements their personal sick time for an on-the-job injury. Flight Attendants can accrue up to 1250 hours.
  • United: Flight Attendants shall be credited with four hours (4:00) of sick leave credit in their sick leave bank, and four hours (4:00) of sick leave credit in their occupational injury leave bank, for each month during their employment flying a minimum 120 hours a quarter.



  • Scheduled or actual ground time in excess of two hours (2:00) between flights in the same duty period will be paid an additional one (1.0) TFP.
  • Sit Pay will be paid in addition to all Minimum Pay Rules.
  • Sit Pay will be paid above a Reserve’s minimum guarantee.
  • If transit time through any out station exceeds four (4) hours, the Company will provide single hotel rooms for each Flight Attendant.
  • ‘Bonus’ program is in writing in the contract. Same percent used throughout the company from ground employees, flight crew, and execs. Not just profit sharing, but based on performance. Received a 5% bonus for 2020.
  • A chance to make up to an additional $2500 extra per year in overtime flying.


  • 2:1 duty rigs. Meaning a 14 hour duty day will be credited at 7 hours minimum.
  • No annual minimum flight hours required to receive health benefits. All active employees qualify.
  • The company shall furnish comfortable and adequate single occupancy hotel rooms in a suitable location for Flight Attendants if they are scheduled at a layover station in excess of four (4) hours.
  • Flight Attendants are guaranteed 71 hours of pay each month.

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