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This is your Captain speaking: it’s time to organize YOUR UNION!

Our airlines’ highest-paid and largest unionized workgroup — 17,000 Delta ALPA Pilots — fully supports our organizing campaign to secure our own Delta AFA union, and to negotiate an industry leading contract with Flight Attendant priorities.

Watch Delta ALPA Master Executive Council (MEC) Chairman Captain Darren Hartmann express his support for Delta Flight Attendants to organize with AFA, and our colleagues in Tech Ops, the Ramp, the Cargo, and tower workers to organize their unions with the IAM and Teamsters.

Delta Pilots have been unionized with the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) since the 1930s. For too long, Delta Pilots have had to negotiate for themselves and every other worker at Delta. We’re grateful for their work — but this holds us all back. Delta Flight Attendants have our own unique priorities and sometimes Delta management refuses to negotiate improvements with ALPA because they “would have to give it to the Flight Attendants.” We are organizing to change that and negotiate our own contract with our own priorities.

Also, let’s be real about power dynamics at our airline or any airline: Pilots have leverage and power, probably more than any other workgroup. Even still, individual pilots can do very little to advance their careers alone. Delta Pilots know the power and importance of being organized and having a union!

We are so grateful for the full support from Delta ALPA. Solidarity is powerful. We’re building our union power at Delta so the profits created by our hard work are shared with the people!

“Remember that we — the Delta employees — are the Delta family. Management teams come and go, but we are the long term stakeholders, and shouldn’t be subjected to having our pay and work rules changed on the whims of management.” - Delta ALPA MEC President Captain Darren Hartmann.

Watch the support message now. Then sign a cardand join our campaign