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Why Becky Ley joined Delta AFA

“I could see maybe some things that I thought weren’t right, but I was willing to overlook them because I thought things were so good. And those are things that I’m not willing to overlook anymore.”

Becky Ley has been at Delta for 34 years. In the past, she was a fierce opponent of union organizing. Not anymore. Now she wants a voice in her own right.

Watch Becky’s story and share it with your flying partners!

Becky’s organizing because she saw how management’s total control over the rules leads to unfair outcomes. And now, after years of anti-union activism, she’s fighting FOR our union because she sees how a union contract can protect us all from unclear rules and unfair results.

Many of our flying partners know Becky as a “Debbie Delta.” In fact, when management learned that she had signed a union card, senior leaders called her personally to ask, “How can we get our Becky back?”

Her story can help reach flying partners who are skeptical, or who think this is about union vs. Delta. As Becky says, “Having a union will make Delta Air Lines better and stronger.”

Watch Becky’s story, share it with your flying partners, then sign your card and join our campaign.

We have momentum. Let’s pull together and make this the year we gain standing in our own right. Delta AFA is how we keep Delta, our Delta.