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"When it comes down to it, I work to earn a living"

I’ve been with Delta for 9 years.

I decided to get involved with our union campaign because I think there should be black and white rules for everyone.

A contract means management doesn’t get to make up the work rules as they see fit. I’m talking about everything from how we get paid to how sick days will be treated.  

I love my job, and yes, this job is a lot of fun, however, when it comes down to it, I work to earn a living. It makes me very uneasy, even nervous, not knowing what to expect.

Our Pilots don’t have that problem. They have a contract that clearly states what their raises are and when they will receive them. They have negotiated sick time and paid leave policies. If something happens, they have clear rights and their union ensures their rights are defended. .

We deserve the same. We deserve a clear sick policy that doesn’t require us to use our (very small) PPT bank if something goes wrong, like a flat tire on the way to work or a delay that causes us to miss our commuter flight.

We deserve to negotiate clear rules about what happens during IROPs, reroutes, and reschedules.

We deserve to know when we’ll receive a raise, how much that raise will be and to lock in our share of profit sharing in a contract that can't be changed without our agreement.

If I don’t pay my bills I get penalized, but there's no penalty if Delta doesn't pay correctly or on time.

Most of all, we deserve to have a voice in the process. We know our jobs better than anyone, and we all have good ideas to improve our workplace.

Since I joined the campaign as an activist, I’ve been blown away by all the amazing, smart people I’ve met. People I never would have known otherwise. I’ve had the chance to talk to so many flying partners and hear awesome ideas for how we can make Delta even better for all of us.

Join us, and together, we can secure our voice and our fair share at Delta. Sign your card, then sign up to join me and hundreds of our flying partners as an activist on our campaign.

In Solidarity,


Aubry, SLC 
Delta AFA Activist