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We are Delta AFA

We are the Delta Flight Attendants who are organizing Delta AFA. We’re organizing for a real voice on the job, work rules management can’t just change, and industry leading compensation to match our contribution to the industry’s leading, most profitable airline.

We’re working to form our union so all of us have a say in our workplace and a contract that locks in everything we love.

We’re proud to be your flying partners. We're union proud. We’re Delta proud.

Join us. Sign your card and get involved. Together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.


In Solidarity,

Your Delta AFA Organizing Committee

Jason Adams, BOSEddie Lane, ATL
Rasaq Adeyemi, ATLJonnie Lane, NYC
Jody Ahrendt, MSPJonathan Lazenby, NYC
Austin Alford, SLCMegan Lesperance, DTW
Patricia (Trish) Allen, NYCBecky Ley, NYC
Joanie Amato, DTWJosh Longfield, NYC
Lauren Balionis, NYCGregory E Love, ATL
Hayden Bell, BOSJames L Lucas, Jr., NYC
Dawn Berends, DTWPatrick Mazurek, BOS
Demba Boundy, BOSMeg McGowan, FLM
Michelle Brady, PTSAnn Marie McGrath, NYC
Addisen Bray, SEAGeorge McTigue, NYC
Shameka Brown, ATLLes Meeks, LAX
Nicole Calandra, DTWChevy Meyers, NYC
Shea Camp, DTWCandace Miller Goldberg, ATL
Nico Cantu, DTWLuanne Morrison, ATL
Katherine Cerstvik, ATLBennett Motta, SLC
Chris Ciccone, SEARosalyn Nailer-Vega, DTW
Shaun Civitano, SEAMelody Navarro, ATL
Paris Clark, ATLBrittany Norris, NYC
Ari Correa, SEATyler Okney, ATL
Noby Crisostomo, LAXMary J Pell, SEA
Josh Curry, SLCJohn Polito, ATL
Caree Cutshaw, SLCTom Porter, ATL
Jack Dafoe, DTWJaylin Pruitt, MSP
Ann Davis, ATLJackie Ripley, DTW
Zachary Davis-Meade, BOSLori Rivecca, NYC
Adam Denissoff, NYCCruz Rodriguez, NYC
Laura Drewe, LAXAubry Sears, SLC
Kara Dupuis, ATLChristina Simonin, ATL
Jacob Easter, BOSMichael St. Croix, ATL
Marci Ehrhardt, DTWDee Sterling, ATL
Sherry Eubanks, NYCRich Stone, HNL
TJ Fackner, NYCBoban Stoyanov, MSP
Ben-Lee Feliciano, SLCPaul Tanner, NYC
Neille Fenderson, SLCMichael Tate, BOS
Dustin Fletcher, SLCZach Unsworth, MSP
Albert Flores, LAXColleen Vanrisseghem, PTS
Daniel Haak, SEARex Varner, SEA
Tiffany Henninger, DTWMel Viray, SFO
Steven Hills, ATLWarren Walker, MSP
Katherine Hoff, SEAMolly Watanabe, NYC
Veronica Johnson, SLCMonica White, ATL
Shanti Jones, NYCTamara Williams, ATL
Jennifer Judd, DTWLeslie York Wolf, MSP
Kenneth Kaminski, NYCNicole Young, ATL
Holly Kane, NYCDominic Zahner, MSP
Todd Kanemoto, NYCAlex Zawadzki, SEA
Mahmood Khan, MSPJosh Zivick, NYC
Leah Kitts, SLCAshlea Gentry, NYC
Juan Mogollon, NYCMax Grilly, NYC
Eric Burgie, NYCJoel Coll, NYC
Charles "Drew" Yates, DTWDory Stein, NYC
Dexter Coleman, ATL