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The truth about profit sharing

06 Jan, 2023

In the next week, Delta management is expected to announce how much we'll receive for profit sharing.

And management will insinuate that if we form our Flight Attendant union at Delta, we could lose profit sharing. Every time management tells you we could lose our current benefits if we form a union, they're lying. Federal law prohibits management from retaliating against us for forming a union. So the only way to ensure profit sharing stays is to form our union and get the benefits we’ve earned in black and white - in a legally binding contract.

Truth be told, we only have profit sharing because crews at unionized carriers negotiated it into legally-binding contracts—including our partners in the flight deck at Delta. Delta ”gifts” it to us because they know they have to if they want to recruit and retain great cabin crews - and to provide the minimum necessary to try to persuade us from forming our union. But until we have it in a contract, management can change the terms or take it away any time they want.

Like It, Lock It In

The bigger picture: Over the last decade Delta has made nearly double the profits as any other airline. Our profit sharing should be much larger than our competitors.

  • Delta CEO Ed Bastian makes $4 million more than the next CEO, but our pay rates are just $1 or $2 more than flying partners at other legacy airlines. We want to be industry leading, not industry average.
  • We shouldn’t have to rely on profit sharing as a key part of our compensation package because it's not consistent, as the last three years have shown us.
  • We should know when—and how much—our next raise will be. Unionized Flight Attendants at other carriers receiving contractual raises this year, including our flying partners at Delta's wholly owned Endeavor who have a union contract. And, if the agreement is approved, Delta pilots are about to see a date-of-signing raise of 18%!
  • Our organizing is heating up and other unionized workgroups are negotiating raises. Don't be surprised when management announces another raise for Flight Attendants, but know it’s nowhere near what it should be as the industry leader.

We'll take our profit sharing, another raise, and a contract!

We’re organizing and building our Flight Attendant union to make sure our benefits and rights are right there in black and white. Sign a card, then sign up to help secure our union