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Trish's story - "Scheduling issues occur frequently. Without accountability, it will not be corrected."

18 Oct, 2022

I came to Delta from Northwest in the merger.

At Northwest, we had a union contract and the protections that come with it. Our work rules were in black and white. We knew what our rights were, and management knew we’d fight if they broke the rules.

When I was a junior flight attendant, an issue arose involving a scheduling error. It was Christmas and I requested a specific trip that operated over the holiday. It was not awarded to anyone. I first attempted to go through crew scheduling and received no help. I then brought my issue to my union rep, who had that trip on my schedule within 5 min.

This may not seem like a major issue but it meant the difference between spending Christmas with family or spending Christmas in a lonely, cold hotel room.  

Scheduling issues like this occur frequently here at Delta. It's a problem I hear all the time, and have experienced. Without accountability, it will not be corrected.

Flight Attendants love this job for many reasons. For many of us, schedule flexibility is one of our main reasons. It gives us the freedom to arrange work around our lives instead of arranging our lives around our work. But when management forced us into bi-weekly pay, it took away our control over our own schedules.

Everyone has their own reasons for being part of our campaign. I want clear work rules that management can’t just change or throw out the window — and a way to hold management accountable when they do break the rules.

It’s time for us to have work rules that work for us. We need them in black and white, with accountability so management can’t just change them or break them. We need our union.

Sign your card today, then sign up to join our campaign.

Together, we can make Delta a place where we have a real voice, and where management can’t just ignore our concerns and our needs.

In solidarity,

Delta AFA NYC Flight Attendant