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Top hourly pay for some not all Delta Flight Attendants

19 Jan, 2023

If you’ve been at Delta for any time, you’ve probably heard management claim, “Delta Flight Attendants are the highest paid in the industry.” We hear that over and over and over again from management. But our pay scale is not really “top pay“ because it doesn’t consider pay protections, other compensation factors, or the value of our time when we get rerouted. And, even the hourly pay scale rates are not industry leading in most years. Management’s claim just isn’t true.

Hawaiian Flight Attendants at many years of service have a higher flight hour pay than those of us in the same year at Delta. Look at our pay scale compared to the Hawaiian AFA Contract today:

Delta v Hawaiian - 2022

 Hawaiian Flight Attendants also know when and what raise they’ll get next year and the year after that – as shown in the charts below. And the Hawaiian AFA contract provides longevity pay after completion of 25 years of service.

There’s power in knowing when raises will come. Take for example this American Airlines Flight Attendant who started flying just before COVID hit in 2020. He explained in a Facebook post, “Honestly, I grew up in an anti-union household but now I love the union. Your benefits are written out so I know what day, what year, etc. I get pay raises, vacation, leave policies, etc. and the company can’t decide overnight to change a policy. It’s just easier to plan your life.”

Don't be surprised when management announces another raise for Flight Attendants. It’s a reaction to the momentum of our organizing and an attempt to stop a requirement that management negotiate with us for a contract that truly is “industry leading.” 

There’s more to our pay than the hourly pay scale. This is just one example of how management distorts the facts to make things seem better at Delta.

We’re worth more. We know our value. Sign a card, then join our campaign today to lock in what we love and negotiate more for our futures! 

In Solidarity,

Your Delta AFA Organizing Committee

Delta v Hawaiian - 2023
Delta v Hawaiian - 2024