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Stronger together, Better Together

19 May, 2022

Over the past weekend, representatives from 18 airlines represented by AFA met in Las Vegas for the 49th annual AFA Board of Directors (BOD) Convention.

Three Delta AFA Flight Attendant activists – Christina, Tamara, and Tiffany – represented our campaign at the meeting to talk with Flight Attendants around the industry about our organizing campaign. They came away filled with enthusiasm and solidarity.

“We have the unwavering support from all AFA represented Flight Attendants, I have never in my life felt so supported and welcomed by a group of people… was overwhelming in the best possible way,” said Tiffany H, Delta AFA DTW Flight Attendant. “These amazing flight attendants have pledged to help us win our union any way they can and look forward to us not only being a part of the BOD next year, but to have us there as actual, voting members of AFA!”

The AFA Board of Directors is the highest governing body made up of directly-elected Flight Attendant leaders from the 18 airlines AFA represents, Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers, and AFA International Officers. Watch this short video which explains how AFA leaders are elected and how our structure works.

“I am incredibly grateful for my time at the 49th Annual AFA BOD meeting. I loved seeing first hand how much pride members of AFA have in their union and in their workplace,” said Tamara W, Delta AFA ATL Activist. “AFA leaders work very hard for Flight Attendants and for our industry as a whole. I cannot put into words the amount of love and solidarity I experienced. A special thank you to Sara Nelson for being such an exemplary leader in the labor movement and to everyone who welcomed us as AFA siblings. I look forward to officially being a part of the Association of Flight Attendants. We truly are #StrongerTogether #BetterTogether.”

AFA leaders and members weren’t the only ones expressing solidarity with our campaign. Richard Johnsen, General Vice President, Air Transport Territory, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), addressed the BOD, and emphasized the power of AFA, IAM, and all unions working together to stand up for working people. He had a special message for Delta Flight Attendants. Watch >

“AFA flight attendant leaders from every airline welcomed us with open arms! I felt so much love and support from everyone we met. A phrase I heard over and over again was, “How can we help?” I spent a lot of time speaking individually with council leaders and asking questions about how the union functions,” said Christina S, Delta AFA ATL Activist. “We even had the honor of speaking in front of the entire Board of Directors, where I explained the issues that face Delta Flight Attendants and why we are organizing. I felt so proud to tell everyone about the work we are doing to secure our union. The theme that ran through the whole conference was “Ready for Takeoff!” It truly feels like we are on the front edge of a really powerful movement and I’m so excited to be a part of it!”

Throughout the convention, our activists saw what a powerful force AFA is in our industry and our country—and how much Delta Flight Attendants will benefit from being part of this incredible union when we win our campaign. In addition to the IAM, special guests addressed the BOD to thank AFA for everything the union has done since 2020 to save good aviation jobs and protect our industry, including:

View all of the video messages here >

We’ll be sharing more over the next few weeks. We’re proud to have the support of AFA Flight Attendants across the industry!

Sign a card today, then sign up to become a DeltaAFA activist so we can secure a union and join our flying partner across the industry.

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