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Resolution: New Year, New Union

As we begin 2023, we're resolved to make this the year that we secure our union at Delta Air Lines.  

In 2022, management showed us over and over why we need a legally-binding contract and a say in our workplace. All year long, Flight Attendants showed up to make Delta the best airline in the world, but Delta management didn't show up for us. This year, we'll secure our union, negotiate a contract, and finally have legal standing at Delta just like our pilots in the cabin and our flying partners at other airlines.

We have real momentum now, thanks to thousands of Flight Attendants who have signed a card, had conversations with our colleagues, worn a pin and participated in campaign activities. Now, we need to bring it across the finish line. That will take all of us. So let's make a resolution to dig a little deeper and work a little harder so we can all fly high! Here are four ways you can help build our union:

  1. Sign (or renew) your card!
  2. Wear a Delta AFA pin every time you fly. Your pin tells management that we're growing, and it opens a door for our flying partners to ask questions and see solidarity in the workplace.
  3. Become a Team AFA Activist! What does being an activist mean? Wearing your pin, talking to your flying partners about AFA, and collecting cards on your trips. You'll receive regular Team AFA communications, get plugged in with other activists, and receive the materials you need to be effective as we build our union together!
  4. RSVP to attend a One-on-One Conversation training: Thursday, January 19 at 3:00pm ET Click here to RSVP > Want to talk to your flying partners about the union? This training will prepare you to have powerful, effective conversations that move people from "Maybe" to "Yes!" This training is facilitated and led by your Delta flying partners. 

Together, we can lock in the benefits we love at Delta and secure our voice to protect ourselves and our rights on the job.