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Profit sharing and a contract

13 Feb, 2022

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and at Delta Air Lines that means it’s Employee Appreciation Day aka Profit Sharing Day.

Management always promotes Delta’s profit sharing as a reason not to organize. But the truth is, the only way to ensure we keep profit sharing is to organize. Management can’t retaliate against us for organizing and voting for our union. And then we can lock in profit sharing in our contract like Delta pilots and Flight Attendants at other airlines, like this example from United, AFA Contract, Section 4. N, page 33.

But we shouldn’t have to count on profit sharing as part of our compensation package because it's not reliable, as the last two years have shown us. We did not receive a profit sharing check in 2021 because there was no profit. In 2022, management is handing out a “profit sharing” check of $1,250, but there wouldn’t be a profit if it weren’t for AFA fighting to get more Payroll Support Program funds. Let’s call “profit sharing” what it is: a bonus check at the sole discretion of management to dampen efforts to achieve pay increases in a union contract.

Better pay rates or pay factors are important to negotiate into the length of the contract, because they compound over the years. We haven’t seen a raise (increase to the pay scale) since 2019. Meanwhile, unionized Flight Attendants at other airlines have had contractual raises, and even negotiated additional pay raises during the pandemic. If we like Profit Sharing we can lock it in by getting to a successful vote for AFA. Even so, it’s not a replacement for fair, predictable raises.

That’s why we’re organizing and building our Flight Attendant union — for profit sharing and a contract—sign a card, then sign up to help secure our union. Delta AFA Flight Attendants will be in the lounges tomorrow, stop by and say hi!  

It’s Valentine’s Day! Spread the love because the best part of being a Flight Attendant and organizing our union is being together. Share these digital Valentine’s with your flying partners or download them all here. ❤️

February 24, 6:30pm Eastern,
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How can I make a change on the line? What does it mean to have real representation? How can I make my voice heard? The Power of AFA Orientation is a great way to learn more about our campaign and how to build power together as Delta Flight Attendants.