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Operations got you stuck? Let's help ourselves with a contract.

15 Jul, 2022

Operations are difficult across the airline industry this summer. Executives at every airline over-scheduled the operation without the staff to support it.

Operational meltdowns aren't unique to Delta, but because we don't have a contract, Delta management does have the unique ability to throw our scheduling “rules” out the door for “the needs of the operation."

RSVP for Surviving the Operational New "Normal": Fix It With a Contract Townhall this Tuesday.

Whether you’re working a scheduled trip or on A-Days, once we check-in we’re at the mercy of the operation.

Reroutes after reroutes. Middle of the night reassignments. Short staffing on international. Seniority violations. The list goes on.

A contract can't prevent operational problems, but it does provide Flight Attendants with certainty, structure and compensation when operations fall apart."

Even in operational difficulties, Flight Attendants deserve legally-binding rules that management can't just throw out the exit door, schedule integrity and transparency. When things get messy at other airlines, unionized Flight Attendants have those guarantees.

Join the virtual townhall this Tuesday, July 19th at 5pm ET with Delta AFA Flight Attendants, United AFA Scheduling Committee Rep, AFA Staff Negotiator and more to talk about how we can fix it with a contract!

P.S. It's union time. Sign a card today, then sign up to become a Delta AFA activist.