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The only thing slower than a snail's pace

... is how long it takes management to implement one change.

Management makes big claims about the time it takes to negotiate a contract. But the truth is it took them YEARS to implement trip upgrade “enhancements.”

Trip upgrades were first proposed by the EIG in November 2017:

Graphic showing EIG trip upgrade proposal from November 2017.

… and again in October 2018:

Graphic showing trip upgrade proposal in October 2018.
It took management approximately 2,358 days, or 77.52 months, or 6.46 years to implement trip upgrades. The graphic includes a picture of a sloth with the Delta logo on it.

In short, it took management 6 years to implement this one change. The next time management tries to say a contract will take years — remember, they are telling on themselves. They have no interest in making our lives better — that part is up to all of us and there’s no time to waste!

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