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Management's unilateral removal of Sky Club access

12 Jan, 2023

Yesterday, management announced a unilateral change to our access to Delta Sky Clubs while flying as non-revenue passengers. It is a reminder once again that Delta is not a family as management claims - it’s a corporation. Without a union and a contract, ‘perks’ and fundamental pillars of the job can change overnight at the whim of management.

In this case though, management may have legal liability because the Flight Attendants are not just employees, we became customers when we bought this service and Delta management is denying customers what we paid for.

This change is not just an inconvenience for the Flight Attendants who chose to use it, it creates economic harm in most cases too. Flight Attendants paid for this membership and a prorated refund doesn’t cover the loss. Many got the membership through the Delta Amex card, which has varying fees but some can be as high as $500+. Without the benefit of the lounge Flight Attendants may want to cancel the card, but that comes with a negative notation for their credit score.

Flight Attendants who commute and count on the lounge as a means to rest after commuting in and before working or the reverse suddenly have no option for the same routine.

This is a problem of management's own making and they've decided to try to solve the problem on our backs.

No notice. No say. No consistency. No respect. That’s the message from management to Delta Flight Attendants. Sign a card, then sign up to help secure our union.

And don't be blind to the timing of this announcement: Management announced an incredibly unpopular, unilateral change yesterday. Soon they will announce profit sharing hoping Flight Attendants will forget about the Sky Club access. Don't forget. We won't forget.

In Solidarity,

Your Delta AFA Organizing Committee