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Let's Talk About PPT

Delta management gives us 56 hours of Paid Personal Time (PPT) a year. PPT is management’s catch-all bucket for sick time hours, personal drops/time, the first seven days of an on-the-job injury (OJI), and covering pay for FMLA. 56 hours only covers about 3-4 rotations, and it hasn’t increased for Flight Attendants since 2016!

What’s more, since the EIG proposed this increase in March 2015, management unilaterally removed PPT from EIG’s scope. That’s right — management eliminated what little input we had on PPT through the EIG.

Almost every other unionized Flight Attendant group has separate banks for personal time and sick time. And unionized Flight Attendants have much larger sick banks than our max PPT accrual.

This is why we’re organizing. 

With our union, we will have a voice on the job to negotiate for stronger PPT — a voice that Delta management can’t take away. We can demand a real sick leave policy with a full sick leave bank that’s separate from PPT. If there’s no separate bank, at least 100 hours of PPT per year. We can also demand that we gain 1 extra hour of PPT for every 10 hours of work over 80 hours a month. Or more!

The beauty of our union is that we bargain for whatever WE decide — not Delta management.

Sign your card, wear your pin, and get involved with our campaign today.