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July 4th Holiday Travel Weekend

02 Jul, 2021

Yesterday, TSA screened 2.15M people at airport security checkpoints nationwide. Thank you to all of Aviation's First Responders and aviation workers for keeping passengers safe every day and over the July 4th travel weekend.

Holiday travel weekends mean high stress on the operation and flight crews, and with summer storms and crippling heat making things even harder. AFA EAP is available for Delta Flight Attendants at 800-424-2406.

This is the airline industry and irregular ops are part of the job, this is why we need a contract, so we are protected and there’s a detailed plan in place for Flight Attendants and management when IROPs happen. A contract is good for Flight Attendants and for the company. Learn How a Contract Can Protect Us During IROPs.

Also, take the Unruly Passenger Flight Attendant Survey to help us gather information about Flight Attendants’ experiences with unruly passengers onboard, and quantify the extent and nature of this issue.


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