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Josh's Story - "We need work rules that allow us flexibility and freedom"

10 Nov, 2022

Family means a lot to me, and I’ve learned that the genuine care and solidarity that comes with family is indispensable. I grew up in a union family. My dad started as a pilot at American in February of 2001—less than 8 months before 9/11 rocked the world and the aviation industry.

Like thousands of others, my dad was furloughed—twice, in fact. But thanks to his union contract, he got his job back. I saw how his union had his back when the company didn’t.

Today, my dad is a mentor for new hires at his airline—a program his union built and runs to support new hires. He is regularly on the phone talking to newer pilots, helping them navigate challenges, giving them encouragement, and building solidarity.

AFA runs programs like that at airlines they represent: the AFA buddy program. Experienced Flight Attendants support and mentor new hires so they know the ropes and the rules, and know that someone has their back. We should have this solidarity at Delta, too, but that is something the company will not build for us.

I don’t have a Delta horror story of my own, although I’ve seen and heard plenty, and the truth is you don't need one to want a union. The reason I want a union—and why I joined the campaign—is because I want to see real solidarity at Delta.

I love Delta because of the people I work with. Since joining the campaign a year ago, it’s been an honor to build real solidarity with other activists and with the flying partners we talk to every day.

At the end of the day, Delta is a corporation, and management isn’t accountable to us, they’re accountable to Wall Street. This means that the only family we can have at work is each other—and the best way we can take care of each other is with a union contract that gives us real standing.

That’s not just for our time at work, it’s for our lives outside of work. We need work rules that allow us the flexibility and freedom to enjoy our lives. We need pay and benefits that match our contribution to the world’s most profitable airline. And we need structure to lift one another up and create a real family at Delta that looks out for one another.

I love my job. I love Delta. And I want to build the solidarity that will make Delta the best place to work. That’s why I’m urging you to join us. Sign a card, then sign up to join our campaign.

In Solidarity,

Delta AFA Flight Attendant, SLC

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