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We are Delta AFA!

We are organizing with the Flight Attendant union to gain our right to negotiate the industry-leading contract we deserve and our profession needs to further advance our careers. Not only are we forming our union with the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, but every decision we make for our careers at Delta will always be made by Delta Flight Attendants. Our union will be an organized structure of Delta Flight Attendants. If that wasn’t clear before, we’re making it clear today.

We are your Delta AFA National Steering Committee representing the southeast, northeast, midwest, and west. We are senior, junior, and everything in between. We are longtime union advocates and some more recent converts. We are here because so many Flight Attendants have given their heart and soul over the years in the hopes that every Delta Flight Attendant can claim our worth and legal standing at our airline. We owe so much to every activist who has poured their whole being into efforts to gain our union. There’s a place for every Delta Flight Attendant in our campaign. We are a representation of that. Encouraged by our Delta AFA activists, we help coordinate our campaign nationwide and supercharge our collective efforts to get our vote.

We are Delta AFA!

There are hundreds of Delta Flight Attendants dedicating hours of personal time day and night, thinking about how to make our union a reality. Our flying partners are doing this because we want a contract, but also because we take pride in caring for others. None of us should ever feel alone on the job, not sure of who to call if we question our schedule, have a safety issue, or if management is questioning a decision we made on the job or in our own lives.

Now is our time. Delta has hired thousands of additional Flight Attendants, more than we need to run the operation, with the intent of cooling our union organizing. The majority of new hire Flight Attendants are coming to Delta with a favorable view of unions. We simply need to reach out and invite our newest flying partners to be a part of our campaign. Let’s get what can feel like a target off their backs. Put a shield above your wings with an AFA pin. Management’s decision to overstaff and underpay us is making our lives harder, but also giving us clarity that we need our union now more than ever. It’s time for longstanding union supporters to once again come out proud because with your help we will win.

Pictures of Delta Flight Attendants organizing.

Workers are winning all over the country. Congress, shareholders, and community groups are calling on management to be neutral in what’s supposed to be our free decision to form our union. Pilots, mechanics, ramp agents, and every worker who makes it possible for Delta to fly are organizing with us. Our passengers and the public support us. Flight Attendants at every other airline are cheering us on to lead our careers to new heights.

We have so much support, but no one else can do this for us. It’s our time to claim our worth, sign our union cards, put on our AFA pins, and get to the bargaining table to lock in our contract just like all of the Delta employees who gained double and triple digit raises did this year.

We are worth so much more. Join us and together, we’ll claim it. 

In Solidarity,

Delta AFA Steering Committee

Rasaq Adeyemi, ATL 
Michael Bearman, DTW 
Angie Brewer, MSP 
Shameka Brown, ATL 
Kara Dupuis, ATL 
Becky Ley, NYC 
Brittany Norris, NYC 
William Vaughan, SEA 
Warren Walker, SEA 
Walid Zeid, DTW