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Delta Flight Attendants in Solidarity with Breeze AFA

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March 16, 2024

To our flying partners at Breeze Airways,

As Delta Flight Attendants and AFA activists, we are so excited about your election for AFA! We are inspired by your organizing and opportunity to lock in the right to negotiate a contract you can count on.

We are no strangers to the union busting you are likely facing at Breeze: from “we are a family just give us a chance,” to “AFA will interrupt your direct relationship with your supervisor,” to “it will take years to get a contract,” or any number of tactics intended to make you fearful. The truth is our relationship with our supervisors improves when they know we know our rights as union members and that we don’t have time to waste on “chances.” We want and deserve legal protections on the job now—just like management negotiated for themselves.

AFA has negotiated a contract for a group your size in as little as two and a half days. If management says it takes years, that’s them saying the quiet part out loud that THEY have no intention of making our work lives and pay better. All the more reason to lock in our union and our rights as soon as possible. Nothing stops them from making improvements—but once we have our union, they can’t retaliate and take things away either. So vote YES for AFA, and lock in what you like while gaining the legal standing to make it better.

We are stronger and better together as Flight Attendants. We will build on the proud history of AFA in shaping the careers we’re so proud to have today. When more Flight Attendants are members of AFA we can all do even better.

To an outsider, it may not seem like the world’s most profitable airline and a boutique startup carrier have much in common, but they do. Both Delta and Breeze do everything they can to keep profits high and keep operating expenses, like Flight Attendant compensation low.

Like you, we have faced constant union busting by management from the day we launched our campaign. Like you, we are organizing and building solidarity in the face of opposition from wealthy forces.

Like you, we are not backing down.

As you await the results of your election and look forward to negotiating your first contract, please know that thousands of Flight Attendants from Delta AFA have your backs. We stand with you and we encourage you to vote YES for a real voice at Breeze.

In solidarity,

The Delta AFA Organizing Committee