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Delta didn't even respond

At the end of January, I created a petition asking Delta to restore Sky Club access for workers who bought memberships or carried the card.

More than 9,000 people signed, including thousands of Delta employees.

Last week, I sent the petition to CEO Ed Bastian and the Delta Board of Directors.

They didn’t even bother to respond.

This is the simple reality for us as Delta Flight Attendants: without a union and a contract, management is not accountable to us in any way.

I became active in our Delta AFA campaign because I don’t want my job to change whenever Ed Bastian feels like changing things.

With a union, we would have standing to address issues at work. We would have a process to negotiate over changes and to decide what issues we want to negotiate as Delta Flight Attendants.

I’m tired of management changing our work rules without consulting us. Whatever issue you care about, it’s time for us to come together. We can make Delta the best place to work and secure our fair share of the value we create for the world’s most profitable airline.

Sign your card today, then sign up to be an activist like me. Let’s win, together.

In solidarity, 

Photo of Silviano next to Delta sign