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Black and white uniform must be extended

07 Dec, 2021

In January 2020, management announced it would rollout a “completely new uniform program for flight attendants and ACS above-wing employees… as soon as possible, hopefully in late 2021.” This came after months of reports, pressure, and lawsuits about the toxic uniforms making Flight Attendants sick. In the interim, Flight Attendants were able to wear the black and white uniforms. 

Then COVID-19 hit and management abandoned its promise and plans to completely replace the toxic uniforms. Instead, opting to make the “interim” Graphite suit option permanent and forcing Flight Attendants back into the purple and gray uniforms in January 2022. 

But nothing has changed for Delta Flight Attendants who have gotten sick from the toxic uniforms. 

It’s ridiculous to take a chance with people’s health, especially in a pandemic. Management has touted their commitment to a safe flight for the last two years. 

What about our workplace safety? The black and white uniform must be extended if management cares about Flight Attendants’ health. 

AFA will fund testing on the graphite suit options. Even with testing, the presence of the toxic uniforms may continue to pose a risk to Flight Attendants. Flight Attendants may continue to get sick from exposure and some who are already severely sensitized may not be able to recover or return to work.

COVID has changed the airline industry, but the issues remain the same.

We are standing together and standing up for those who are experiencing this serious health issue. They need us to have their backs and we need to stand up for them because the next safety or health issue could affect any one of us. That's what unions do - we stand up for each other and take care of each other in a way none of us can do alone.

P.S. Sign a card and get involved in our campaign so we can secure our own union at Delta and hold management accountable.