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Ann Marie's story - "This is the moment for us"

19 Dec, 2022

I really believe we’re going to win this campaign.

I’ve been with Delta since 2010. I started my career in 1998 at Northwest, and came over in the merger.

Growing up, my dad worked for Con Edison, and he was always proud of his union. I remember one year they were on strike, and it was lean times. My parents didn’t have money to pay the bills, and our electricity was cut off. But my dad never wavered. I remember how he’d tell me, “This is going to be tough, but you never cross the picket line. This is going to improve my job.”

When I was hired at Northwest, I was proud to be a union Flight Attendant. I’m committed to finishing my career with a union contract and the security and pride that goes with it.

I joined our Delta AFA campaign because I got tired of saying “If we only had a union” when things go wrong or when management makes decisions that upend our lives. 

Like all of us, I’m busy. I teach yoga. I'm a single mom with three daughters. I’m helping care for my mom who’s been given six months to live. My time is precious. I put it into this campaign because I believe we need a union, and I believe this is the moment for us.

Since I joined the campaign in 2020, I’ve seen it blow up. I’m so proud every time I talk to a flying partner and they sign a card. I love to mentor and prepare new activists who are committed to our campaign. Flying partners always ask me, “What’s going on with the campaign?” and I always tell them I have so much faith that we’re going to win.

I never wavered when I joined the campaign. I know the work that I’m doing is meaningful because I see that we can win where for many years I didn’t think it was going to happen.

This work is not easy, but every conversation that we have with our flying colleagues matters. But it’s a team effort. Maybe you have the first conversation, and a flying partner wants to think about it. But then the next person who talks to them is able to bring it home, and they join our campaign. Conversation by conversation, flying partner by flying partner, we’re creating change at Delta.

We need you. Sign a card. And, if you’re ready to put in the work to make Delta truly the best place to fly, sign up to become an activist. I’d love to get to know you and welcome you to our campaign.

In Solidarity,

Ann Marie
Delta AFA NYC Flight Attendant