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​Why does due process matter?

18 Jun, 2021

Fairness is a pretty simple proposal: everyone gets treated the same, and the rules are transparent.

Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case right now at Delta, especially when it comes to discipline.

Join our upcoming Fireside Chat on June 24 at 3 p.m. ET to learn about due process and how it makes our job a level playing field for everyone.

We should all get the same treatment from our FSMs whether we’re based in SLC or NYC. We all deserve a fair process to defend ourselves if management disciplines one of us unfairly.  

As we’re talking to our flying partners about our Flight Attendant union, it’s clear that without a union contract we are subject to unequal and unfair treatment depending upon which manager or mood we get that day.

Management loves to say that a union only defends bad workers who deserve discipline, and hard-working Flight Attendants who follow the rules don’t need to worry. But that’s simply not true. In fact, a fair and transparent contract means the rules and process are clear for everyone, and both parties agree to follow the rules. All Delta Flight Attendants have a fair way to defend themselves from a manager who’s not following the rules.

Join our upcoming Fireside Chat to learn more. You’ll hear from some of our Delta flying partners, United AFA Grievance Vice Chair Kimberly Johnson, and AFA Attorney Peter Swanson.