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We’re done with management deciding when we deserve improvements

Today, Delta management once again announced changes without our input.

Management is hard at work selling the increased per diems and vacation time as proof that they have our interests at heart. But in reality, these changes prove once again why it’s so important for us to secure our union and voice at Delta.

Our collective activity to form our union is already making them announce changes in hopes of dissuading us from controlling our future. They’ve announced boarding pay (with earlier report times), (insufficient) profit sharing, a (too little, too late) raise, and now changed per diems and vacation. That has all come because of our union organizing and the new contract the pilots secured through respected collective bargaining. When you see an ALPA pin or an AFA pin, thank those wearing them for working to make our experience better.

But we’re done with management deciding when we deserve improvements. We’re tired of our work rules being decided on a whim, especially when we’re still not getting our fair share of the value we create for the world’s most profitable airline.

Like it Lock it in

The current Spirit AFA contract per diem is only $0.12 lower than ours will be with this boost—and theirs is tied to inflation with annual adjustments every year on May 1 guaranteed.

Let’s not forget the other side of management’s unilateral control of the workplace. Bi-weekly pay that has us working harder than ever. Cutting our profit sharing. Shifting company healthcare costs to us. Taking away Sky Lounge access many of us paid for. Changing the way vacation is accrued and approved.

The truth is, until we have a union contract, none of the benefits or rules management sets are guaranteed.Congratulations to our pilots! Our Delta pilots have a deal in black and white that THEY negotiated based on the things that mattered to PILOTS. Flight Attendants deserve the same.

Let’s lock in the things we like and change the things we don’t. It’s time for our union and a contract.