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We love our jobs and that’s why we want a union

We love our jobs as Delta Flight Attendants. And that’s why we want a union.

What would a union mean for us and how do we get it? Simple.

With a union contract, we’ll have the legal standing we need to lock in what we love, and to improve everything that could make Delta even better. We can negotiate industry-leading pay to match Delta’s industry-leading profits. We can negotiate healthcare, retirement and PTO benefits that take care of our needs. We can negotiate work rules that work for us  — from IROPs and re-routes to fair disciplinary processes.



Here’s the kicker—no matter what they say to scare you, management can’t retaliate and take away anything we already have in contract negotiations. Sounds good, right?  

But before we get to negotiations, we have to vote to form our union.

  1. A majority of Delta Flight Attendants sign cards requesting an election (cards are valid for one year, so keep yours up-to-date!)
  2. We file for an election with the National Mediation Board
  3. We hold a secret ballot election
  4. If we win our election, we will select our leaders, decide what issues we want to address and begin bargaining
  5. Once we reach a Tentative Agreement with management, Flight Attendants vote to accept or reject the contract

Here’s something that’s really important to know — management will never see whether you’ve signed a card or how you voted. And it’s illegal for management to retaliate against you for wearing a pin or advocating for a union.

All along the way, we’re in charge. Delta Flight Attendants are leading this campaign. Delta Flight Attendants will choose who we want to represent us, and once we secure a contract Delta Flight Attendants will make sure it’s followed. And the whole time we’ll have the backing, experience and power of AFA behind us.

Delta loves to say it’s the best airline in the world. That’s because of us. And we deserve industry-leading pay, benefits and workplace rules to match our value. We can only achieve that through a union.