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Uniform Garment Testing Request

As of March 31, 2022, Delta Flight Attendants must wear one of three sets of approved uniform lines made by Lands End with very limited exceptions for supply chain issues only. These three options are the original purple suiting, the “regular” grey suiting, and the Oeko-Tex 100 grey suiting, plus various shirts, sweaters, and accessories. By May 2, black suiting and a white shirt/blouse will not be permitted under any circumstances by management. This change in policy is concerning because Delta Flight Attendants continue to experience symptoms when wearing their uniform garments.

To identify specific garment problems and provide some insight into the quality of different garments (good and bad), AFA is conducting some additional testing of the chemical contents of the company-approved garments. We are asking for your help, whether you are currently experiencing symptoms or not.

We need unworn/unwashed garments from each of these three lines, still in original packaging (preferably unopened shipping bags/box too), and ideally with the Lands End paperwork that came with the garments. If the shipping bags or boxes are unopened, do not open the package just to look for these documents - just ship the package unopened. The sooner we receive garments, the sooner we can start testing them.

If you have one or more qualifying garments that you can share, please contact your Delta AFA base organizer or AFA Organizing Coordinator Anne Luck-Deak ([email protected]) to arrange shipment.

AFA will keep the names and information of everyone who shares a garment confidential. The testing data will be shared by garment type and will be posted online, once completed.

Thank you for your help!