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Trip Construction

06 Apr, 2022

Trip Construction has the potential to significantly affect our quality of life for better or worse. At Delta, it has been a major source of concern especially since the beginning of COVID. We’ve seen sit times increase, increase in maximum duty days with minimum rest, transcons followed by a penalty lap, domestic trips with multiple legs and constant reroutes. The list goes on and on.

We work to live, not live to work. Our schedules are central to the way we enjoy our job and quality of life we have in our time off.

A legally-binding contract will provide detailed work rules on scheduling and more – but  union advocacy doesn’t stop there. Our Delta AFA Scheduling Committee, made up of Delta Flight Attendants from across the system, will work each month with the company during the rotation and line construction process. Their primary goal will be to address Flight Attendant concerns involving rotations or scheduling and ensure the best possible balance of rotation types to represent the needs and wants of Delta Flight Attendants. At other airlines we don’t always get everything we want, but we make a big difference with our voice in the process.

Who knows the needs of Flight Attendants better than the Flight Attendants actually flying the line! This is just one example of how our Flight Attendants union - all of us as Delta Flight Attendants with legal rights on the job - will work every day representing our interests.

Read the description below of what our Delta AFA Scheduling Committee could look like. Ultimately, we — Delta AFA Flight Attendants — will decide what’s best for us when negotiating our first contract!

We’re organizing to build our Flight Attendant union so we have control and know what to count on for our collective future—sign a card, then sign up to help secure our union.

The Scheduling Committee Structure

At Your Base (Local/Base Level)

Within each domicile, the Local Executive Council (LEC) Officers will be responsible for appointing a Local Scheduling Committee Chairperson and Committee Members. Your Local Scheduling Committee will be responsible for collecting and researching concerns related to scheduling, hours of service, and trading. They will meet with management to resolve concerns and stop potential contractual violations presented by Flight Attendants even before we bid for our schedules. Local committees gather feedback regarding bidding and rotation construction from Flight Attendants as flying changes and integrate these concerns into solutions with the PBS and Rotation Construction Subcommittees.

At the Airline (Master Executive Council (MEC) Level)

The MEC Scheduling Committee Chairperson will coordinate the activities of the Local Scheduling Committees across the airline. The MEC Chairperson is responsible for supporting the Local Committee Chairperson and Local Committee Members in their interactions with management and providing any necessary resources. In addition, the MEC Chairperson will coordinate and lead the Scheduling Review Board, a meeting between AFA and management to be held every two weeks to address and resolve scheduling related issues. Any issues that can’t be resolved still are subject to the grievance process to ensure we can enforce our contract.

PBS and Rotations - Transparency

The Scheduling Committee also reviews the PBS bid award process to ensure Flight Attendants receive the line construction they should according to the contract. If not, the award is corrected.

We’re organizing to build our Flight Attendant union so we have control and know what to count on for our collective future—sign a card, then sign up to help secure our union.


Delta AFA Activists across the country will be coming together for a Town Hall Zoom meeting this Tuesday, April 19th at 6:00 PM ET to talk about our Delta AFA Campaign.

Date: Tuesday, April 19
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm ET
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