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Summer Solidarity to Win

Summer is chaotic, especially when plans for layovers and our days off are distrupted by reroutes and extensions, all while waiting hours for updates to our trips, hotels, and transportation.

Whenever IROPs hit and plans go awry, management shows us yet again why it’s so important to have a contract. Clear contractual scheduling and reassignment rules can actually help run a smooth operation, while also respecting our work and time. The excuse of throwing policy out the window "for the operation" is really no excuse at all because all it does is turn Delta's chaos into our personal chaos, with no recourse or extra pay.

Delta AFA kicked off our summer flying season on May 25 with a Day of Action at ATL Airport, joining with ramp workers, mechanics, pilots, and local community supporters in a day of solidarity. Our actions show our commitment to unionizing at Delta and improving working conditions for all of our colleagues at our airline. This collaboration sends Delta a clear message that we’re standing TOGETHER in our unwavering support for representation.

Delta ATL

Our campaign is making real progress, but organizing 27,000 Flight Attendants is a big job. We need every Flight Attendant who wants a union to do just a little bit more. It's not enough to quietly sign your own card and hope for an election. There are actions you can take to make a meaningful difference in our campaign.

  1. Wear your pin and pin your flying partners! Wearing your pin proudly conveys to our flying partners that you’re a safe person to talk to about unionizing, whether they have questions, fears, or just need a spare card. It also sends a clear message to management that we’re both Delta Proud and Union Strong. What AFA pin are you? Did you know you can request a specific pin? Just specify which one you want when you request your cards!
  2. Keep your own card up to date! Cards expire one year from the date of signing. If you don’t know the last time you signed, you can submit a request to check your card status.
  3. Carry cards for others. Carrying a few extra authorization cards and getting other people to sign them and mail them in is the best way to ensure we reach the strong majority of support we need to move forward with an election. (Request your cards today!)
  4. Talk to our flying partners about unionizing. Having respectful conversations with our flying partners is the foundation of unionizing. Connect with an organizer in your base to join an upcoming training.
  5. Plug in with your base! Many hands makes for light work. Everyone can contribute at whatever level works for you. Get involved today!
  6. Show Up and Show Your Support! On May 25, Delta AFA joined the mechanics and ground workers in a Day of Action, showing solidarity and strength for building our unions at Delta. Stay in the loop and connect with events in your base. Attend base Zoom meetings. Check out the events page at to see where you can get involved.

If every Flight Attendant who wants a union makes a commitment to join the effort, we can make our union a reality.

When the reroutes and chaos starts, fight harder for protections in black and white. The only thing predictable this summer is that your trip could be unpredictable; plan to pack extra clothes, extra snacks, and don’t forget your extra pins and cards! Most of all, let’s look out for one another this summer and build solidarity on the line while we’re working to build our union. Sign your card now, then sign up as an activist with our campaign.