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Solidarity In the Skies

Delta AFA proudly joined our union flying partners on picket lines today to raise passengers awareness and push our careers forward.  

Delta Flight Attendants stood shoulder-to-shoulder and coast-to-coast in Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, D.C., Denver, Orlando, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, and San Diego to support nearly 100,000 Alaska, Air Wisconsin, United, Omni, American, Southwest, and Frontier Flight Attendants as they fight for landmark contracts and push back against corporate greed.

The mood on the picket line was electric! Flight Attendants and workers know that when we stand together, we all can achieve more. These Flight Attendants are fighting for higher wages as airlines are make record-breaking profits, and to protect our profession from Wall Street.

Our industry colleagues are negotiating contracts that respect their time and contributions to their airlines’ massive profits. We’re proud to stand beside each of these heroes in this fight. Why? Other than solidarity which always lifts us up—what happens at other airlines directly affects us at Delta.


On February 14th, Delta AFA Flight Attendants will be in lounges for Profit Sharing Day. We love profit—and sharing! We just want it protected in a contract like our pilots and other Flight Attendants. Did you know United AFA Flight Attendants have a contract AND a 9.1% profit sharing payout?

We know that without a contract, management can change its PS formula to pay for slight raises. They’ve done before. In 2016, a year of record profits, our payout was cut nearly in half by management while Delta ALPA pilots got their full legally-binding percentage. Union Delta Pilots didn’t have to choose between pay increases and profit sharing, and management didn’t get to choose for them.

We’re fighting for more than just pay. We’re forming our union to turn our “gray area” work rules into black and white contractual language. We’re standing together because we know it’s not all about the money, it’s about our quality of life and the respect that a legally binding contract can bring to our workgroup.

See you tomorrow in lounges across the system to celebrate the profits that we helped generate. Without us, there would be no profit, and we have every reason to celebrate our success!

We also have every reason to sign a card and secure our voice in our workplace. Stop by a visibility table and pick up cards, pins, and campaign literature. Get involved today. Together, we can form our union and secure our seat at the table.