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Shea's story - "Since I started in 2015, I’ve seen Delta management change work rules and conditions over and over"

20 Jan, 2022

This month I’ll be celebrating my seventh anniversary as a Delta Flight Attendant.

I’m hoping by the time I celebrate my eighth anniversary, I’ll also be doing it as a proud member of Delta AFA.

But it’s going to take more than hope, and that’s why I’m stepping up to help on our campaign, and asking you to join me.  

Sign a card, then help us by talking to our flying partners about our Flight Attendant Union!

I signed a card years ago, but until recently I was nervous about wearing a pin or talking to my flying partners about the union. I never thought of myself as an activist—but I realized that the only way to create change is to get involved.

As an activist, I wear my pin, carry cards, and talk to my flying partners about our campaign. It doesn't take much effort, but I can see it making a difference.

Sometimes, my flying partners see my pin and strike up a conversation. Other times, I’ll start by asking them what they like—and what they’d change if they could. I try to listen more than I talk, to find out what they think and at the end I’ll ask if they’ve signed a card.

Some people sign right then, and I’ll even put it in the mail for them. Others take a card to think about it.

Even if my flying partner doesn’t sign the card today, I know that by listening to their concerns and answering their questions, I’m helping make our union something they’ll think about.

I love my job. But since I started in 2015, I’ve seen Delta management change work rules and conditions over and over, ignore our input through the EIG, and make changes that make our lives harder and the job less rewarding.

I’m kind of a nerd. I’ve read the contracts AFA members secured at other airlines. I’ve talked to Flight Attendants from United, Alaska, Frontier and other AFA-represented groups. I want the security and stability they have, and the protections and voice on the job they’ve fought for. That’s why I’m an activist, and I hope you’ll join me.

There’s nothing like the feeling when you talk to a colleague who’s not sure about the union, and by the end of your conversation they’re signing a card.Join me as an activist, and let’s secure our union at Delta.

In Solidarity,

Delta DTW Flight Attendant

P.S. Delta AFA Organizing Training: Thursday, January 20 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm ET
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We need you to help build our union! Would you like to meet other Flight Attendant activists? Do you want to feel more confident when you talk to other Flight Attendants about AFA? Are you excited to talk about AFA but you don’t know where to start? Join us on our next session and learn how to tackle those tough topics and hard conversations we face on the line. It takes time and effort to become union strong and we can’t do it without you!