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Management is scared of losing total control

23 Mar, 2022

You are doing it! You’re building your union and management doesn’t want to lose total control by having to respond to your legal rights at work as union members.

Today, management launched an email full of the same old tired talking points and a new website built by high dollar, third party union busters. So much for the direct relationship - they’d rather spend millions to avoid the legal relationship that comes with your standing at Delta as professional, union Flight Attendants.

We have momentum because our flying partners are seeing through management’s nonsense—and management is desperate to stop us.

This new website is just the beginning of what we can expect. As more of us step forward to join this campaign, they’ll spend more money on high-priced union busters whose only goal is to convince us not to claim the respect and standing that comes with equal standing.

When other Flight Attendants had clear furlough processes, pay and health insurance protections at the beginning of the pandemic, Delta pushed us to take unpaid leaves with threats of furloughs. AFA’s plan ultimately saved the whole industry by focusing the relief on workers and putting constraints on management like no stock buybacks and dividends - and a cap on executive compensation through March 2023.

When we have issues with bi-weekly pay, commuter policies or early report times, we don’t have any standing to keep what we have or negotiate for better—without a contract, management can simply change the terms of employment whenever they want.

We make Delta the best and most profitable airline in the world. We deserve a voice in our workplace and the respect and standing that comes with it every day we go to work. Ed Bastian wouldn’t work at Delta without a contract that includes clear pay and benefits. Why should we? Why does he think we deserve less respect and certainty after all we give to Delta?

Delta management likes things just the way they are. And they know the only way they can keep complete control is by stopping us.

Let’s show them we see through their high-priced union busting that’s hurting Delta by syphoning money to a third party whose only purpose is to deny us our legal rights. Sign a card now, then sign up to help us win our campaign!

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