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It's been a hard year. AFA is here to help.

16 Jun, 2021

These days, there’s a new report of an unruly passenger and dangerous behavior on planes nearly every day—and that’s just the incidents that are big enough to make the news.

Earlier this month, heroic Delta Flight Attendants stopped an attempt to breach the cockpit, and there are many more Delta Flight Attendants who have dealt with unruly, disruptive and even violent passengers in the course of our duties.


AFA’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help Delta Flight Attendants who experience problems on the job confidentially, with resources and assistance to help you get through.

  • Everyone experiences personal or work-related problems from time to time. Sometimes our own resources or support systems just aren’t enough. We could all benefit from assistance from another source – one that you can trust and rely on for help. That’s what AFA EAP is here for!

As emergency responders, we prepare for and coordinate responses to emergency situations for carriers and for the traveling public. So who’s there to help Flight Attendants with our own reaction to traumatic events, both on the plane and off? While AFA’s EAP can offer support right now, there’s much more we’ll have access to once we achieve union representation. AFA’s Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) provides more robust help and benefits to assist Flight Attendants who need help following traumatic or critical incidents, on and off the aircraft.

  • With CIRP, EAP reps understand the dynamics and impact of a critical incident or traumatic event, identify strategies for managing and alleviating these symptoms, ensure continuous check ups to assist your recovery, and access professional resources when needed.

Once we vote for a union with AFA and establish our own Master Executive Council at Delta and Local Councils at each base, we’ll be able to use our collective power and AFA’s resources to deliver powerful support for every Flight Attendant no matter the day or time.

Having each other’s backs is at the core of AFA’s DNA—and AFA has our backs as we work to build our Flight Attendant union at Delta.

Sign up to make positive change at Delta and get involved with our campaign. You can always request a card or an AFA pin here.

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