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🎶 If ya like it then ya betta put a pin on it 🎶

The power of the pin can be summed up in two words: unity and solidarity. It’s a symbol of our organizing efforts to achieve union representation for Delta Flight Attendants.

Here are some things that you need to remember:

  • Not only is wearing an AFA pin your legal right, it’s also in Delta’s own advocacy policy. Take a look:

Wearing a union pin is protected by federal law under the Railway Labor Act. Check it out:

Why is it important to wear a pin?

   Wearing your AFA pin…

  • inspires others to wear their pin.
  • shows that you want positive change at work.
  • helps initiate conversations with your coworkers.
  • shows that you believe in the right to unionize.
  • shows that you’re willing to take a stand despite management's attempts to intimidate us.

So just remember, have no fear. Wear your AFA pin proudly. It’s your RIGHT!