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Huge Win for Commuters

19 Nov, 2020

HUGE news: Thanks to our solidarity and advocacy, Delta just announced that any PSY commuting policy applied to pilots will be applied to Flight Attendants, too.

This agreement is a great beginning, but until we have a contract, management can change the policies on a whim. This change will be a major benefit for commuters, but positive space is just the start.

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This is a big win and we achieved it by standing together. Now imagine how many positive changes we could make with a union contract!

Pilots achieved their new policies through collective bargaining, and their benefits are locked in. Flight Attendants deserve the same voice and a legally-binding contract to protect our jobs and rights at work.

Management has not yet posted the language to the Portal, so we must continue to organize to make sure “applied to Flight Attendants” means “applied equitably to Flight Attendants" and solidified in a union contract.

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In Solidarity,

Delta AFA Commuter Team

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