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Heather's story - "I was never involved in a campaign before now"

I’ve flown with Delta for 25 years.

When the Northwest Flight Attendants joined our ranks, I was impressed by the culture they brought, and the protections the union contract gave them. When we had a chance to vote for a union in 2010, I voted yes.

But I was never involved in a campaign before now. Now, I’m doing more than signing a card or waiting to vote yes. I’m active in our campaign because I’m tired of management pushing us around and it’s going to take all of us working together to push back.

When management changed the rules and started biweekly pay, it created a real headache for me, and many others.

I’ve been Boston-based for many years, and thanks to my seniority I was able to set a Friday-Sunday flying schedule to fit my family’s needs.

Under the old pay structure, I had flexibility. If something happened with a Friday trip, or if I needed to change my turns, I had the entire month to adjust and not lose pay.

I like to fly the high-time turns. Twice in August, I had a Seattle turn that was supposed to be worth 11 hours, but ended up with only 6 hours because of a delay and stay overnight.

When that happens at the end of a period, it means my paycheck is short and my budget has to adjust until my next check. With 25 years of service I’m at the top of the pay scale and usually able to shift things around when this happens, but for many junior Flight Attendants I fly with a change like this can be a serious financial problem.

I appreciate my flying partners who serve on the EIG, but it’s clear that management only takes our input seriously when they want to. And when it comes to compensation, the EIG can’t even take a position at all.

Now, I wear my pin every trip. I talk to my flying partners about their issues and why we need clearer work rules and a larger voice within the company — just like our pilots have.

We can win this campaign and secure a real voice, strong workplace rules and compensation that aligns with our values. Sign your card, then get involved in our campaign today.


In solidarity,

Delta AFA BOS Flight Attendant