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AFA Urges Delta Management to Clarify PSY Commuting Policies

11 Jan, 2021

On November 19th, 2020, Delta Inflight Service Senior Vice President Allison Ausband notified Delta Flight Attendants of changes to your PSY commuting policies. However, those changes have not been fully defined leaving Flight Attendants with many questions regarding the changes and how they are being implemented.  

At the time of sending this newsletter, no one at Delta, including Ms. Ausband, has made any clarifications. To get the needed clarifications for Delta Flight Attendants have been asking for, today, AFA officially sent a letter to Ms. Ausband with specific questions urging her to respond to Delta Flight Attendants concerns.

We are hopeful Delta management will finally make it a priority to provide clarity for Delta Flight Attendants and be able to share more information at today's Fireside chat.

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