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AFA is Fighting for Delta and All Airlines

The airline industry is in crisis. Our jobs and our paychecks are on the line. We are working around the clock to get a relief package in place that focuses on all of us and our jobs. This is not a bailout. We don't need a government package like the past where airline executives took bonuses while forcing concessions on us through bankruptcy.

While we are fighting for our jobs and continued paychecks, we are horrified that Delta management would use this moment to try to further worry and confuse Flight Attendants about our efforts to pull everyone together during the greatest challenge our nation and industry has ever faced.

We have strict conditions on all airlines to ensure relief is focused on workers. No stock buybacks, executive bonuses, or dividends at this time. And stop all unnecessary spending, including using money to fight workers' rights to organize. This should be obvious and simple. AFA did not mention Delta and we had already been told that we should view Ed Bastian's letter to all workers as a commitment to do this with the actions he listed the company was taking to preserve cash.

This is not hard. Just don't spend money on fighting your employees while every cent should be spent on working together to save our industry and our jobs. Simple. And financially prudent.

AFA's plan protects your paycheck and keeps our airlines strong so we can restart our operations as soon as this pandemic threat is under control.

We are the Flight Attendant Union and we are fighting for every single Flight Attendants' career and livelihood.

Help share this information. There is more than enough for us to be concerned about during this national emergency. We do not need false information that unnecessarily worries people and distracts from our collective task at hand. We need solidarity and a spirit of working together. That is what AFA is doing - with our airlines including Delta - and that is what we will continue to do to fight for each of you.

We are stronger and better together.

In Solidarity,


Sara Nelson
AFA-CWA International President